VAMPYRE Demo EP 2012


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2012 Demo Tracks


released March 14, 2012

Produced by The Nosferatu


all rights reserved



VAMPYRE Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta-based VAMPYRE is an original hard rock / metal band that has played live shows across the Southeast including Slave To The Metal for Fuse TV’s Mistress Juliya, The Gathering and Ride For Dime. VAMPYRE is The Nosferatu on synths & guitars, Chyanne Lynne on drums and Knick on bass. ... more

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Track Name: Real Vampyres Demo
Friends come from far and near
In their voices I hear fear
You may cry and you may scream
But you can never escape your dreams

How much more can I take?

Is it real or is it fake?
How much more can a motherfucker take?

You run and run but there's no light
Every day has turned to night
The creatures prowl and kill their prey
And you can never run away

Spics and spooks of every kind
Can one day make you lose your mind
Is it real or is it fake?
How much more can a motherfucker take?

They steal your children and fuck your wife
Just to fuck with your puny life
You my friend are as good as dead
For the vampyres are ahead
They rule the night and have slaves in the day
They will never go away
Track Name: Nosferatu Demo
My god you left me here to die
Tell me why
I'm cursed and my soul is damned
I walk the streets alone at night
Make it right
You've got my blood on your hands

You said you'd be with me
You put me under your spell
But now you're gone
You had to run
Love doomed me to eternal hell

But you say my name
Nosferatu -- The Vampyre

And if you ever think of me
You'll see
I never wanted your blood on my hands
You twisted me, you made me fight
So right
Your cruel and evil plans
Track Name: So Damn Fine Demo
Baby you're the one that i've been lookin' for
So damn fine can't fuckin' take it no more
Gotta get you up to my place tonite
Gonna take you to hell when i turn out the lights

In my dreams i see
Death and misery
Let your light shine on me
I dunno if you're makin' plans
But tonite i just really wanna be your man
And by dawn i'll be gone
Just a faded memory

All dressed up baby lookin' so fine
Don't give a shit who you came with
You're gonna be mine
And if you're boyfriend don't like it he can kiss my ass
Cuz i'm gonna give his girl a fuckin' backstage pass

I got women on the left of me
I got women on the right of me
I got women all around me
But i ain't got you
Track Name: Stay With Me Demo
Tell me that you want me baby
Tell me that you need me
I got you where i want you but
You got me on my knees now

So tell me
Just pretend that i'm another
With me now baby
Touch me like you would your lover

You tell me that you love me baby
You tell me that you need me
But when he calls you come running
You're always gonna leave me

Just think of me and i'll be there
I'll take you everywhere
Just call me on the telephone
You'll never be alone
Track Name: LightItUp Demo
She's my sweet lover
She's my best friend
And when the sun goes down, darkness all around
Her sweet amber glow lights the road I'm traveling down

Stand up
And pass that shit around
Stand up
No better can be found
Stand up
Light it up

So sweet and kind
She fucks with my mind
Everybody wants her cuz she is so fine
Don't you wish you had a little amber like mine?

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